How To: Open a can using a Swiss Army Knife

Open a can using a Swiss Army Knife

This is a video demonstrating how to open a can with a Swiss Army Knife can opener. To begin, place the can on a flat surface. Open the can opener on the Swiss Army Knife. Make sure that the hook of the can opener is on the outer ring of the can and that the cutting part is on the inside. Use the blade to puncture a hole in the can, pulling up on the handle and pushing the blade along the can. Move the can in a counter clockwise motion cutting along the way. Use the tip of the can opener to pry open the can. Leave one small piece of the lid attached to serve as a hinge.

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WOW!!!! Of the 3 different videos on here showing how to use the can opening tool on a Swiss Army knife , THIS GUY is the ONLY one doing it correctly. Good job buddy!

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