How To: Open a can with no can opener

Open a can with no can opener

Are you stuck somewhere without a can opener? Has this ever happened to move to a new apartment and head to the grocery store.. pick up a bunch of cheap and tasty canned goods for dinner only to arrive home and realize you forgot to buy a can opener along with them? Not to worry!
This tutorial is here to help you. In it, you will learn how to open a can with a kitchen knife and a little force. This is really quite easy, just be careful not to cut yourself! So, the next time that can opener breaks on you, or you are stuck without one at the last minute, be resourceful and follow along with this how-to. You will get into that can of beans in no time!

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This is a different way.... ;) It will definitely make you smile :)

Kid, you should not try that home, that's what the garage is for. You got the counter dirty and u kept whacking at it with your hands holding the can.

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