How To: Use Basic Knife Cuts When Chopping & Dicing

Use Basic Knife Cuts When Chopping & Dicing

Learn some basic cooking skills with CHOW. These video tutorials will show you how to chop and dice your ingredients to perfection.

Aïda Mollenkamp runs through seven basic knife cuts, including the masculine chop, the wily roll cut, and the glorious chiffonade. Also appearing with Aïda are the dainty mince, the foreign-sounding julienne/batonnet, the workhorse dice, and the flirty bias.

(1) Basic knife cuts. (2) Chopping. (3) Julienning. (4) Dicing. (5) The bias cut. (6) The roll cut. (7) The chiffonade cut. (8) Mincing. (9) Basic knife cuts help.

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