How To: Make Nonstick Cooking Spray

Make Nonstick Cooking Spray

Feeling like MacGyver? Create your own cooking spray in a few simple steps.

Reach in your cabinet and make your own homemade cooking spray. Here are a few ways to make it at home.

Step 1: Fill bottle

Fill the spray bottle with olive oil or vegetable oil and use it as a nonstick spray for cookware that has nonstick coating.

Step 2: Mix ingredients

Mix together equal parts liquid lecithin and vegetable oil and pour it into a spray bottle. Shake well, and use it to prevent food from sticking to pots and pans whose surfaces have no nonstick coating, like enamel, copper, and stainless steel cookware.

TIP: Lecithin can be purchased at health food stores.

Step 3: Mix

Beat together equal parts vegetable oil, vegetable shortening, and flour with a whisk until smooth. Refrigerate the mixture in an airtight container, stir it well before using, and use the pastry brush to coat pans when you are ready to bake.

Did you know? Extra virgin olive oil is the purest oil and contains the highest monounsaturated fat content.

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