How To: Sharpen a chef's knife or kitchen knife using a whetstone

Sharpen a chef's knife or kitchen knife using a whetstone

You know how writing with your trusty No. 2 pencil gets to be a pain if you haven't sharpened the tip in a while? A sharp pencil produces crisp, pretty marks that enhance your writing, while a dull pencil tip causes smeared and sometimes illegible writing that looks slopping.

The same idea applies to unsharpened chef knives or kitchen knives. When not sharpened properly, these knives get really dull and are pain to use in the kitchen because they can't cut through foods easily. To learn how to sharpen your kitchen knives, check out this helpful video.

This instructional cooking video is an introduction to how to sharpen a chefs knife or kitchen knife using a whetstone. A sharp chef's knife is a must in the kitchen. Not only is a sharp knife much safer, it makes cooking much more enjoyable and more efficient.

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