How To: Use a Swiss Army knife can opener

Use a Swiss Army knife can opener

This video shows you how to use a Swiss Army knife can opener. It is easy to confuse the can opener with the bottle opener. The can opener has a small screwdriver tip and a sharper edge. Cans of spaghetti are good for a quick meal on the train. Put the bottom part of the can opener underneath the lip of the can. Use leverage to poke the top part of the opener through the lid of the can. Move the opener backwards a little and push through again. Keep doing this all the way round the top of the can until you can open the can easily. That's it!.

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I hate to tell you Brother but you're using that type of tool literally "backwards" it's designed to CONTINUE the first cut while turning can TOWARDS yourself not cut a brand new slit with every stroke. Swiss army knives makes 2 types of can openers (see pic) the other one in the pic is designed to go in the direction you're going.

OK, I'm on a mobile device offshore and it won't let me upload a pic. I recommend you go to the official Victrinox site and view both designs available (blade on front and blade on back)

The last video on here showing how to use that tool is done correctly. Not being mean but you should watch it. If you're going to tell people how to do something, you should probably learn how to do it yourself first. Good luck.

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