How To: Make cheater chopsticks with rubber bands

Make cheater chopsticks with rubber bands

Did you try to impress your friends with chopsticks but it didn't work out? Then try making cheater chopsticks the next time you go out for sushi. In this how-to video we show you the step by step process of using and making cheater chopsticks with rubberbands. Follow the cheater chopstick guidelines below.

Things you will need:

Rubber Band
Paper covering that comes with the chopsticks

Step 1:Take out the chopsticks from your paper covering
Step 2: Break your chopsticks into two sticks
Step 3: Fold your paper covering into a small hamburger
Step 4: Place the small paper hamburger between the two sticks
Step 5: While holding the two sticks together with the small paper burger between, tie the rubber band at the end.

And there you have it! Cheater Chopsticks. So if you have an oriental family to impress but you do not know how to use chopsticks, do not worry.

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