How To: Use a pressure cooker to make great meals

Use a pressure cooker to make great meals

Many of us have grown up being wary about using pressure cookers, thinking the food doesn't come out tasting as good as it does through other cooking methods. No need to worry! Gourmet Magazine explains that it's not the pressure cooker that's the problem; you just need to pick recipes that benefit from the use of the pressure cooker. Here to show us how with a simple and delicious lamb and bean recipe, you will be taken through the recipe step-by-step. The ingredients are simple, including lamb shanks, olive oil, carrots, and other ingredients you might already have on hand or can easily find at any grocery store. Along the way, you'll get tips including how to keep the lamb juicy, how to best utilize the pressure cooker, how long to let the meal cook, and how to stop the lamb from cooking once you take it out of the cooker. You'll soon be left wondering why you ever cooked meals the long way!

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