How To: Use and care for a pressure cooker

Use and care for a pressure cooker

This video describes the different parts of a pressure cooker, and how to use it. The pressure cooker consists of a heavy gauge pot and a tight fitting locking lid with a pressure release and a button that pops up when the right pressure is reached. There is also a quick release valve that you can turn manually. There is also a gasket that fits inside the lid to keep the pressure in the pot. To assemble the pressure cooker, insert the gasket under the flanges in the lid, line the lid up on the pot, close the steam vent, and lock the lid. There are different methods for using the pressure cooker. One is called the "natural release" method, which means you let the pot cool off on its own; you can move the switch and release the steam pressure inside; or take the pot to the sink and put cold water on it. Cooking time depends on the cooker itself, your altitude (cooking takes longer at high altitudes), whether you have presoaked the beans or grains you are cooking, and how tender you want them to be. She demonstrates the entire process of using the pressure cooker by cooking some garbanzo beans.

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