News: Close chip bag without a clip

Close chip bag without a clip

March Madness is upon us! Who are you cheering for? UConn? USC? Chattanooga?

Regardless of what team you root for, you will be watching lots of basketball and eating lots of chips. This trick will ensure you at least win out with the snacking.

Imagine a world free of soggy pretzels or stale chips. With these simple finger motions and wrist flicks, you can free yourself from the vomit worthy results of open bag syndrome.

Snackers' utopia is upon us.

Close chip bags without a clip

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Capirai... e ci voleva un video per far capire come chiudere un sacchetto di patatine =|

sweet time to use my chip clips to set mouse traps and fling BBs at people


neato bandito!

lol the music goes along with it :)

IT WORKS!!! YAY!!! :-)

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