How To: Use a mandoline slicer

Use a mandoline slicer

If you've ever eaten a thinly sliced vegatable, there's a good chance that it was cut using a mandoline slicer! Learn how to use this utility effectively.

Mandoline slicers are great tools for making evenly thin slices of fruits and vegetables.

Step 1: Place the slicer perpendicularly

Place the slicer perpendicular to you so that you'll have better control over the food.

TIP: Mandoline blades are very sharp. Use a safety guard and take precautions when using and cleaning a mandoline slicer.

Step 2: Cut a potato

Try the mandoline with a potato. Cut it in half to make a flat surface.

Step 3: Attach a potato half

Attach the rounded end of one potato half to the hand pusher.

Step 4: Slide the potato

Slide the flat side of the potato across the blades using even strokes and consistent pressure.

TIP: Adjust the thickness of each cut with the knob or lever on the side of the slicer.

Step 5: Slice the other half

Use the same process for the other half of the potato, using the hand pusher to make even and consistent pressure strokes.

Step 6: Clean the slicer

Clean the slicer immediately after use to prevent food from drying on the parts. Try it next with a variety of vegetables!

Did you know? An early illustrated culinary book, published in 1570, shows a board with a cutting blade to cut vegetables into thin sticks.

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