How To: Use a French press coffee maker

Use a French press coffee maker

This video shows how to use a French press coffee maker. We need 8 0'clock coffee regular or course grind, teaspoon measure long handled spoon, Pyrex measuring cup, the French press coffee maker and a cup to drink from. Heat to boiling just enough filtered water to fill the French Press beaker. Measure out one level teaspoon of coffee for each 6 ounce cup of coffee you are preparing. When the water has ceased bubbling add it to the French press beaker and stir with the long handled spoon. Wait 4 minutes while the coffee steeps and the flavor develops. Put the cap and plunger into the French press beaker and slowly push the plunger to the bottom. Holding the plunger in place, pour the coffee into the cup and enjoy the best cup of coffee you have ever had....

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