How To: Use charcoal and gas grills safely with Lowe's tips

Use charcoal and gas grills safely with Lowe's tips

This Lowe's video shows you how to safely use a charcoal and gas grill. For gas grills you should always follow the manufactures instructions. You should keep your grilled maintained by keeping it clean. Empty the grease cup on a regular basis. A good cleaning of your grill is recommended at least once a year. All of the parts should be checked to make sure they are working properly. Make sure you use gas or propane wisely. Check for leaks. For charcoal grills you should follow the manufacturers instructions. Keep the grill cleaned and maintained. Make sure the fittings are tight. Light the charcoal correctly. Only use charcoal lighting fluid. Avoid using lighter fluid. Don't set the hot canister on anything flammable. Cook smart by keeping grill vents open. Make sure you use the correct tools for grilling.

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