How To: Sharpen a dull knife

Sharpen a dull knife

This video shows the proper way to sharpen chef's knives. Chef Leigh Hudson prefers using synthetic Japanese water stones. He shows how to soak three stones; the first a 400-800 grit stone, the second stone is a 1000 grit stone and the third stone is a 3000 grit stone. The 3000 grit stone is the final process and is as smooth as glass. He explains the different angles needed for the various stones and what the knife could look and feel like at each stage of the process. He also demonstrates a great way to test your freshly sharpened knife to see if it is properly prepared. He also shows two different types of steel: standard and diamond. He teaches you how to use the steels and when it's appropriate to use the steel. He is very clear and takes his time to really work the knives and the stones.

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