How To: Set a table properly

Set a table properly

In order to set a table properly, you need to begin with the candles. Try using beeswax in your candleholder to hold your candle upright. Place the salad plate inside your serving plate. Every course should have its’ own silverware. Place the napkin on the left side. The fold of the napkin should be away from the plate.

On the left side, you should place the knife, with the edge facing inward. Place the soupspoon next to the knife. Place the dessertspoon above the plate. On the right, place your dinner fork next to the plate and the salad fork further away from the plate.

If you have room, you would use 3 different glasses. Place the red wine glass above the knife. Place the champagne glass above the spoon. Then, the water glass goes next to it. The stems of the glasses should form a triangle.

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