How To: Easily set a table

Easily set a table

This video is a tutorial on how to set a table in a restaurant. The table should first be wiped thoroughly with a product called Thieves, a mixture of organic oils that contains no chemicals. Be sure it is dry before people are seated.

Place the silverware neatly close to the edge of the table, with the small plate to the left of the forks, and the napkin between the silverware. Check the glasses by holding them up to the light. The candle holder is placed in the middle of the table, along with the salt and pepper and the water bottle. When people sit down, move these over to the edge of the table.

The table needs to be cleaned and set quickly so that other guests can be seated. Be sure everything is clean and spotless, the way you would like to find it yourself. In a restaurant the first impression is extremely important.

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