How To: Clean a wood burning stove

Clean a wood burning stove

This video demonstrates how to clean a wood burning stove. Cleaning the wood burning stove is a rather uneasy and untidy task. But this video has good advice and simple to follow steps to simplify the task, in a clean way.
Following are a couple of interesting pieces of advice or steps from the video.
# Always use a dust mask while removing the ash from the wood-burning stove.
# Use a small hand shovel to remove most of the deposited ash.
# Now use a scraper to clean up the ashes that remain at the edges of the stove.
# No need to clean the fused mater every time. Clean them during your annual cleanup.
# Use an.
ash vacuum cleaner, the one with metallic pipes, to fine clean the stove.
# To clean up the front glass use a home made 2:1 vinegar-water. Wipe it with a solution and a paper towel.

Simply follow these steps and have a clean wood burning stove in no time.

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