How To: Use a Swiss Army knife cork screw to open wine

Use a Swiss Army knife cork screw to open wine

This video demonstrates how to use the cork screw attachment on your Swiss Army Knife. The Swiss Army Knife is an important tool to have while backpacking in Europe. It has a variety of uses including opening wine bottles. Begin by putting the cork screw into the cork. Find the middle of the cork and push the tip into the center. Twist the cork into the center. Because cheap bottles of wine often have corks that have deteriorated, it is important to place the cork screw in the center of the cork. Make sure to screw the cork screw in all the way. You can just pull it straight out, but an easier way is to get some leverage. Place your hand underneath the body of the Swiss Army Knife. Push up on the larger edge, using your hand as leverage. Continue to pull up on it and getly work it out and have a bottle of wine to help you sleep on the train during your backpacking journey.

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